Panoramic wallpapers

Appeared at the beginning of the 19th century, panoramic wallpapers were an exclusively French creation. Made by means of thousands carved wood-blocks, they were very successful in France and worldwide, until the advent of photography. After having selected our patterns from the rich collections of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs de Paris, we have made, with loving care, a meticulous restoration to give them a new contemporary life.

Our historical panoramic wallpapers

Dating from the 19th century, our panoramic wallpapers were designed and manufactured by the Dufour (or Dufour et Leroy) and Desfossé & Karth manufactures: very famous manufactures at that time and contemporaries of the Zuber manufacture, still in activity today. These ancient panoramic wallpapers are therefore re-editions of historical murals kept in the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. Our workshop has patiently restored them over many months to enhance their full beauty. Their themes are very varied: we can find jungle panoramic wallpapers, tropical-style panoramic wallpapers, floral panoramic wallpapers, panoramic wallpapers of monuments, landscapes...

Their patterns pay a true homage to nature, birds (peacocks in particular), trees, lush forests, architecture (monuments in Paris or Italy for example) with a precision in the drawing and an incredible richness of colours making these works of paper true paintings. They are also all available in black and white panoramic wallpapers (also known as monochrome). Finally, in order to best adapt to your project, our workshop offers a service of personalization, allowing you to order a taylor-made panoramic wallpaper, both in its dimensions, its framing and its scale. Wallpapers for a castle style or, conversely, very contemporary, you will thus have an original decor that will magnify the decoration of your room, living room, office or bedroom. Exceptional historical panoramic wallpapers that will enhance, in your home, the genius of french decorative arts.