Hanging instructions

Before starting

We recommend that you carefully verify the order of the strips before hanging them. The hanging should be done with tools that are completely clean. We do not accept liability in the hanging.

Necessary material

- Sandpaper adapted to your wall
- Non-woven wallpaper paste
- Smoothing brush
- Soft cloth
- Clean sponge & bucket of water
- Mini roller
- Cutter

Preparation of the wall

The color of the wall needs to be as neutral as possible, ideally white as it doesn't modify the colors of the wallpaper. It also needs to be clean and dry.

Wash your wall with a special wall cleaner then rinse it off. On gloss and satin paint, sand down with sandpaper for better glue adhesion. If the wall has never been painted, you can aplly a plaster underlay, 24 hours in advance. This will protect the wall and allow the removal of the wallpaper without damage.


Before pasting the wall, draw a vertical line using a spirit level where you want to put on your first strip. The line will help you to put the first one. prepare the non-woven wallpaper paste and spread it directly on the wall with a brush.

Préparez la colle à tapisser, et étalez-la directement sur le mur avec une brosse à encoller.

Wallpaper hanging

Hang the first strip of wallpaper from the top of the wall and position it along the previously drawn line. Smooth it down with the dedicaced brush.

If necessary, remove the excess at the skirting board with the cutter. Pass the mini roller on the edges of the strips to ensure their adhesion to the wall.

Remove excess paste with a wet sponge. The following strips are hung edge to edge in the same way.