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Living room and dining room

Thanks to their strong identity, our panoramic wallpapers and decorative wallpapers are particularly suitable for decorating dining room and living room. Similar to wall frescoes, they give an incredible style to these rooms. Associated with contemporary elements such as velvet seats, small cane furniture, canopies, designer lighting ... they give character to the house.


Panoramic wallpapers with lush vegetation or wallpapers with floral patterns are frequently used as headboards in bedrooms. The opportunity to create a soothing and serene decor.

Hotel and restaurant

Our panoramic wallpapers and decorative wallpapers produce an immediately spectacular effect in an entrance or patio, thanks to their wide-ranging plant or architectural patterns. By their presence and their historical character, they give an immediate cachet to a hotel lobby or a restaurant room.

Other uses

True works of art dated 19th century, our panoramic wallpapers can also be framed, like masterpieces. It is also a way to divert traditional use and adapt to a smaller space or to moldings that you want to keep.