Decorative wallpaper Stylized leaves beige . 1803


Decorative wallpaper Stylized leaves beige . 1803

Manufacture Jacquemart & Bénard

250,00 €

This decorative wallpaper was created by the Jacquemart & Bénard manufacture. It displays big stylized leaves unrolling along stems tied up with ribbons. The original décor was printed by means of engraved wood-blocks that applied 9 different colors on joined together rolls. The background was brush smoothed in black.

To revitalize and bring up to date this beautiful wallpaper from the early 19th century, our workgroup has carried out a patient digital restoration.

Collection of la Bibliothèque Nationale de France  

Custom dimensions

80 < < 120
200 < < 400

If you choose a width smaller than the standard model, the patterns will be reduced to allow connections between the strips. If you choose the same width, connections will also be preserved.


In 1791, the Paris Manufacture Jacquemart & Bénard succeeded the Manufacture Révéillon destroyed by the Revolutionaries in April 1789. Therefore and until 1809, the Jacquemart & Bénard manufacture will be renowned throughout Europe. Very creative, it produces more than a hundred models of wallpaper every year. It is especially good at reproducing plant-like motives as well as light and diaphanous fabrics according to the fashion launched by Queen Marie-Antoinette (embroideries, trimmings, ribbons, lace, festoons of precious stones, pleats, draperies, texture effects…). Not only the Manufacture takes part in the decoration of public buildings, but it is also involved in official ceremonies. For example, it was commissioned by the Convention Government to decorate the Palais des Tuileries.

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date of creation



Both the graphics and the imagery of this early 19th century wallpaper underline the strong influence of the French Revolution symbols. The side stems evoke the lictor’s bundles; the ribbons call to mind the blue / white /red ones systematically winded round columns; the leaves conjure up the oak tree leaves, the revolutionary symbol above all else, since referring to the so-named “Arbres de la Liberté”, trees of freedom. 
During the 19th century, the freedom tree (more often an oak tree) became a strong symbol of the French Republic, by imitation of what had happened in The United States with the freedom poles after the Independence War. From 1792 onwards, thousands of freedom trees were planted at busy places, in towns and villages throughout France. Regarded as civic monuments, they supposedly conveyed freeing and joy.

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This version is quite different from the original model. Actually, the latest included 2 lilac pink stripes separating the columns of leaves. We have decided to remove them so as to give more fullness to the panel. Similarly, both the black color of the background and the pink color of the acacia leaves (the small leaves between the big ones) have been reinterpreted in different shades of peacock blue, more in accordance with what is loved today.
Originally, this pattern was designed for a 29cm high horizontal decorative freize ! Considering the amazing opulence of these beautiful leaves, we have made the decision to enhance them by turning the freize into a wallpaper panel.

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Hanging advice

Hanging our wallpapers is done in 3 stages: the preparation of the wall, its pasting, then the hanging. Our strips are hung edge to edge and from left to right in the order indicated on the assembly plan supplied with the rolls. To find out more, consult our Hanging instructions page.

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Specification sheet

Non-woven wallpaper 150g/ square meter 
Total dimensions: width 120cm X height 250cm or 350cm
Standard decorative wallpaper sold in 2 rolls of 60cm x 250cm or 350
Matching edge to edge
Manufacturing time: 20 business days
Free shipping from €300
Made in France

Due to the manufacturing process, there could be a variation in color from one production run to the another. If possible, avoid buying different parts of the same design several weeks apart.