Paul and Virginie azure blue . 1824

Manufacture Dufour & Leroy

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Edited in 1824, this panoramic wallpaper has been made by the Manufacture Dufour and Leroy. The complete artwork is made of 30 strips in grisaille brightened up with different blues, and printed by means of 847 engraved wood-blocks, 224 of which for the figures. Measuring nearly 16 meters, this panoramic wallpaper is one of the longest from the collections of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs de Paris.
It is inspired by a very successful novel by Bernardin de Saint-Pierre, published in 1788. Romantic narrative of love between two children growing harmoniously in the idealistic nature of l’île de France (now Mauritius), it conveys nostalgia of both childhood and lost paradise, while criticizing the damaging effects of civilization.

Revitalizing this gorgeous panoramic wallpaper by a digital restoration was a patient and meticulous fifty-hour work from our workgroup.

Collection of Musée des Arts Décoratifs de Paris               
Photographic credit : @MAD Paris/ Jean Tholance

Original length 1580 cm
Height of origin 250 cm

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Created by Joseph Dufour, the so-named manufacture is, along with Zuber and Cie, one of the most exceptional  of the 19th century regarding the creation of wallpapers, and especially  panoramic murals. Ambitious, talented, humanist, and heavily influenced by the French Revolution ideals, Joseph Dufour set up first in Mâcon, and  then in Paris. At his beginnings, he kept in tune with the style and taste of time, reproducing drapery patterns on paper. Then, he progressively turned towards literary and exotic themes which he made the most with the creation of mural panoramics.

Exhibited in Paris in 1806, his first panoramic mural, “Les Sauvages de la Mer Pacifique”,  enjoyed  great success, and Joseph Dufour was then considered the most revolutionary creator of the time in the art of decoration. Therefore, associated to his name, his patterns became famous all over the world, especially in Europe and in The United States.

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This panoramic mural has been evoked by the French novelist Honoré de Balzac (1799-1850) in several novels - such as La Rabouilleuse and Le Père Goriot - to describe comfortable middle-class homes. Right from the first pages of Le Père Goriot, the mural can be seen on the sitting-room walls of the Maison Vauquer, a boarding house where most of the story takes place : “This room, with a poor wooden floor, is paneled at elbow height. The wall above is covered with a varnished paper featuring the main scenes of Télémaque, the classical figures of which are colored. On the section between the wire mesh covered casement windows, the guests can watch the feast given by Calypso to Ulysses’son.”
Wallpapers and panoramic wallpapers are mentioned and described a hundred times or so throughout La Comédie Humaine , sign that they were widespread in interior decoration at that time.

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Numerous species of trees can be identified on this mural : sugar canes, palm trees with fan-shaped leaves, dragon trees… As most of panoramic wallpapers, "Paul and Virginie" shows the 19th century taste for botany and horticulture, as well as the aspiration to the wild nature values  praised by the French writer Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778).

Otherwise, you can notice that unpleasant episodes or representations have been avoided. For example, Virginie can be seen fighting against the waves, not dead on the beach ; characters are chatting, carrying light bundles, not working hard. On another hand, you can notice Paul praying on Virginie’s grave : an exceptional religious representation on a panoramic wallpaper.

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Hanging advice

Hanging our wallpapers is done in 3 stages: the preparation of the wall, its pasting, then the hanging. Our strips are hung edge to edge and from left to right in the order indicated on the assembly plan supplied with the rolls. To find out more, consult our Hanging instructions page.

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Specification sheet

Non-woven wallpaper 150g/ square meter 
Total dimensions: width 320cm X height 250cm
Standard panoramic wallpaper sold in 5 rolls of 64cm x 250cm 
Matching edge to edge
Manufacturing time: 15 business days
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Made in France

Due to the manufacturing process, there could be a variation in color from one production run to the another. If possible, avoid buying different parts of the same design several weeks apart.