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The World of Le Grand Siècle

Discover Grand Siècle styled interiors and the qualities that inspired them, and then, like George Sand, “bow to inspiration without reflection, and love all that is beautiful without distinction”.

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Commitment to the French Heritage and Tradition

In reviving 18th and 19th century models, Le Grand Siècle aims to revitalise, enhance and promote the particularly French genius in Les Arts Décoratifs, evidenced by 100% French sourcing, featuring hand manufacturing wherever possible, perpetuating French flair from the past in the present.

French heritage and tradition

The Birth of the Brand

Vanessa Hahusseau, the founder of Le Grand Siècle comes from a background of literacy, curiosity and an affinity for natural beauty. She maintained her intense interest in history, literature and art while graduating in L’Institut d’Etudes Politiques, and developing her strong affinity for decorative art.

The birth of the brand

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Le Grand Siècle reproduces ancient wallpapers from the collections of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs de Paris and the Bibliothèque Nationale de France. Our collections of panoramic wallpapers and decorative wallpapers belong to History and promote french decorative arts. Dating from the 18th and 19th centuries, they have indeed crossed the ages and have gone from the Marie-Antoinette boudoir to the Empress Eugénie's boudoir, passing through the living room of the Maison Vauquer of "Père Goriot" in Balzac!

These paper frescoes required an important digital restoration work that occupied our workshop for many months. They are therefore luxury wallpapers, treated as real works of art. They were designed and manufactured by the renowned manufacturers of that time: Jacquemart and Bénard, Réveillon, Dufour, Desfossé & Karth Manufactures... which appeared alongside the famous Zuber factory, the last one still in business today and which manufactured its ancient wallpapers with engraved woodboards.

These historical wallpapers are also very graphic and have a wide variety of styles. Our high-quality panoramic wallpapers depict landscapes, trees, flowers, birds (beautiful peacocks, etc.), architectural elements, forests, scenes of literature and mythology…

Jungle or tropical panoramic wallpapers, black and white panoramic wallpapers (called "grisaille" or "monochrome") are evoking a soothing nature such like trompe l'oeil. For their part, our decorative wallpapers magnify walls reproducing giant flowers, trees, birds, chinoiseries and geometric patterns of extreme modernity. Their vivid colours and sumptuous patterns will contribute to make your decoration original and typical.

They are perfectly adapted to reception rooms such as the dining room or the living room and will give them a very decorative theatrical character. Hung in a bedroom, an office, a patio or in a hall, they will amaze by their presence and their identity. These luxuous historical wallpapers and panoramic wallpapers can be taylor-made.