Decorative wallpapers

In the late 18th and in the 19th centuries, linked to an extraordinary flourishing in their production, wallpapers became very fashionable in decoration. This production, in tune with the style and taste of time, was based both on the great strengths of decorative artists and designers, and on a skilled workforce of the highest calibre. From the rich collections of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France and the Musée des Arts Décoratifs de Paris, we have chosen the more spectacular ones, those whose exuberance and incredible beauty meet the modern required form.

Our historical decorative wallpapers

Dated from the 18th or 19th century, our ancient wallpapers are re-editions of wallpapers from museum collections. Chosen for their strong personality, these wallpapers have floral patterns, most of them also featuring birds. They were made in the style of "chinoiseries" wallpapers, as they were conceived in the 18th century and were very fashionable at the time. These historical wallpapers, which were found in the salons of Marie-Antoinette and Empress Eugenie or in the great bourgeois houses of the time, will bring poetry to your home. Among the great manufacturers of these models :Réveillon, Jacquemart & Bénard, Dufour, Desfossé & Karth factories, which also featured alongside the famous Zuber factory.

These decorative wallpapers which, in a way, evoke English wallpapers, with their delicate roses, their delicate fledglings or their exotic flowers, will embellish your living room or your bedroom in an incomparable way. By choosing these decorative wallpapers that enhance the volutes, arabesques, leaves, branches and flowers in a real graphic delight, you will choose exoticism and poetry. The opportunity to redecorate your interior while enhancing french decorative arts. Because these paper decorations tell a story and show at the same time a great modernity in their graphics. In addition, these historical wallpapers have all been restored by our workshop over many months and some of them can be taylor-made.