Domino wallpaper black & white checkerboard . 1750


Domino wallpaper black & white checkerboard . 1750

Unknown workshop

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From an unknown manufacturer, this domino paper is kept at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. It features foliage, birds, berries and delicate flowers, representing a sinuous ensemble framed on either side by a checkerboard. The original design is 42.5cm high and 35.5cm long and was printed using engraved woodblocks, in one color (black).

To give life and modernity to this beautiful wallpaper from the 18th century, our workshop carried out a meticulous digital restoration.

Collection of Musée des Arts Décoratifs de Paris               
Photographic credit: Les Arts Décoratifs/ Jean Tholance

Custom dimensions

50 < < 65
150 < < 400

If you choose a width smaller or bigger than the standard design, the patterns will be reduced or enlarged to allow connections between the strips.

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From an unknown manufacturer, this domino paper has a style and an iconographic repertoire which suggest a French production dated from the early 1750s (see "Details"). Undoubtedly, the manufacturer showed real originality in the creation of this design, notably by choosing to represent of birds, which is not frequent in domino papers.

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Date of creation


Interesting facts
Interesting facts

In the 18th century, domino papers were most often made and sold by « domino merchants » who also sold papers, prints, playing cards and calendars. They were generally installed in Paris in the Latin Quarter or near universities. The haberdasheries merchants (like « Godin marchand-mercier » in the attached picture) also retailed dominos and Chinese wallpapers, which were used for walls, dress screens or, by cabinetmakers, as a base for " varnish Martin ", a technique developed by the Martin brothers in 1728 and intended to imitate lacquer (from China and Japan in particular), for a lower cost, by working a resin called copal on a drawing.

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Kept at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, the drawing of the original domino paper is framed by black outlines. These lines were printed using an engraved woodblock, which was pressed on the paper using a screw press. Moreover, the print in black informs about the date of the work. Note that in France, the oldest dominoes were printed in black while the most recent ones more in blue, red, or even in green.

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Hanging advice

Our wallpapers are hung in 3 stages: the preparation of the wall, its pasting, and the hanging. The strips are hung edge to edge and from left to right in the order indicated on the assembly plan supplied with the rolls. To find out more, consult our Hanging instructions page.

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Specification sheet

Non-woven wallpaper 147g/ square meter 
Manufacturing time: 20 business days
Free shipping from €300
Made in France

Standard size: 1 roll of 65 x 250/350 cm

Owing to the manufacturing process, there could be small variations in colors from one production batch to the next. If possible, avoid buying different parts of the same design several weeks apart.